Vortex Flow meter : VVX15


Possible areas of application

SIKA VVX15 flow sensors are used for measuring water flow at low and medium measurement ranges.
One such application area is heating systems.



Alternate vortices rotating in opposite directions are generated behind a bluff body immersed in a flow. The vortices detach from the edges of the bluff body and form a Kármán vortex street in the fluid stream. The distance between the single vortices is constant. The frequency of the vortices flowing past a sensor depends on the flow rate and is proportional to the flow. The sensor detects these vortices which are then converted to an electrical frequency signal.

Technical features

Nominal diameter

DN 15

Flow range

2...40 l/min

Process connection

G¾-ISO 228 male, incl. O-rings


±2 % of full scale*

Pressure rating

PN 10

Temperature ranges

Medium : 5...90 °C -20...90 °C**
Ambient : 5...70 °C → Repeatability ±0,5 %, -20...5 °C → Repeatability ±1 %

Frequency output

Frequency signal, square wave, pulse duty ratio 50:50, signal current max. 20 mA

Analogue output

Output signal flow : 0.5...3.5 V
                               0...10 V or 4...20 mA

Power supply

8...30 V DC or 5 V DC (±5 %) or 12...24 VDC****

Electrical connection

5-pin plug connector M12 x 1

Degree of protection EN 60529



Datasheet VVX15