UV254 Go!

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Portable, Field and Laboratory Instrument for surrogate measurements of TOC,DOC,COD,BOD etc

UV254 Go! is a portable UV254 analyser that enables measurement at different points within the treatment process. Well suited to measurements at the riverside as it is to measure a sample in the laboratory.
Simply place the cuvette into the Go! press measure and receive your UV254 and surrogate measurements of TOC, DOC, BOD, COD etc. Every measurement is stored for review and data export


Photonic Measurements’ UV254 Go! is a light-weight, portable device, which fits in the palm of your hand. With rechargeable Li-ion battery applications, the UV254 Go! is a lab-quality device that provides quick and easy measurement. Simply place a sample in the analyser cuvette and you will get your results within seconds.

  • A simple icon-based user interface makes it easy to navigate between measuring, calibration and data collection.
  • Long service life.
  • Extensive storage capacity to preserve numerous measurements.
  • Ability to generate graphical charts of data patterns.
  • A USB port to connect and transfer data to your PC or Mac.
  • Excel compatible, connect with a device to examine data further.
  • Ability to display up to four surrogate (Calibrated parameters) measurements simultaneously. For example, TOC (Total Organic Carbon).

Datasheet : UV254 Go!