UV254 Dip Probe

SKU UV254 Dip Probe

Process and Industrial Instrument for surrogate measurements of TOC,DOC,COD,BOD etc
The Dip Probe can be submerged by hand for portable measurements at different locations, left fixed in an open channel for continuous measurement, or floated for example on a river.

For the handheld application, the Dip Probe is connected to the Photonic Measurements portable display unit. Which has all the same application software as the UV254 Go! For fixed operation, the Dip Probe can be configured with the probe display unit. In both configurations, all data is logged for surrogate measurements (for example TOC, BOD, and COD) as well as UVT and UVA.

Dip Probe comes with a light shield to remove the negative effects of ambient light on the measurement. The probe can be configured in order to have either a 20 or 50mm path length to suit your application needs.


Datasheet: UV254 Dip Probe