Tuning Fork Vibro Viscometers SV-A Series

SKU SV-A Series


  • 2 ml sample measurement (SV-1A)
  • Anti-corrosive, titanium sensor plates and temperature sensor
  • X -Y-Z stage for fine position adjustment of the sample cup
  • Wide-range, continuous measurement without replacing the sensor plates
  • Simultaneous measurements of temperature and viscosity
  • Windows Communication Tools WinCT-Viscosity and a serial-USB converter provided as standard
  • Easy set up and very quick measurement
  • Excellent repeatability (1% of the measured value by standard deviation)
  • Extremely high sensitivity (detects a viscosity as low as 0.3 mPa·s)
  • Little interference to the sample fluid
  • Possible to measure fluids in motion
  • Simplified calibration function (for SV-1A and SV-10A)
  • Easy cleaning after measurement

Datasheet SV-A series