Testo 845: Infrared temperature measuring instrument with integrated humidity module

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For the first time, surface temperatures with smallest diameters can be measured accurately at short and long distances. The switchable optics for far-field and close focus measurement make this possible.
Far-field measurements are carried out at an optical resolution of 75:1. In this way, surface temperatures can be measured accurately even at great distances from the object to be measured. At a distance of 1.2 metres from the object to be measured, the measuring spot diameter is only 16 mm. A cross laser marks the measuring spot exactly during measurement.
During measurements at a short distance from the object being measured, the close focus optics has a spot diameter of only 1 mm at a distance of 70 mm. Two laser points mark the spot exactly.

  • Switchable optics for far-field (75:1) and close-focus (1 mm, distance 70 mm) measurements
  • Humidity module for determining surface moisture
  • Instrument memory for 90 measurement protocols
  • Visual and acoustic alarm if limit values exceeded

Testo 845, infrared temperature measuring instrument with cross laser sighting incl. humidity module, switchable optics for far-field and close focus measurement, contact temperature probe attachable, optical/audible alarm, reading logger, PC software incl. USB data transfer cable, aluminium case, battery and calibration protocol.


Datasheet : Testo 845