Testo 735-2 - Multichannel thermometer

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The testo 735-2 digital multichannel thermometer is used in a wide variety of different fields. This hardly comes as a surprise really considering it can measure the surface, air and core temperature of a whole range of media with an accuracy up to 0.05 °C using high-precision Pt immersion/penetration sensors. And because it can be wirelessly connected to up to another three external temperature sensors, whose readings are then transmitted to the display, what you end up getting is not a 3 but a 6-channel meter!

Wide selection of sensors, precise measuring results on up to 6 channels
The testo 735-2 multichannel thermometer has a sensor connecting point for a highly-accurate Pt100 sensor and two connecting points for quick type K, T, J and S thermoelement sensors. All in all 6 sensors, 3 of them wireless temperature sensors, can be connected to the meter and shown on the display. There is a wide selection of immersion, penetration and surface sensors available to help you carry out quick and accurate temperature measurements on a variety of different surfaces and media.

The high-precision, optionally available Pt100 immersion/penetration sensor has a system accuracy of 0.05 °C and a resolution of 0.001 °C. The testo 735-2 temperature meter is therefore ideal for use as working standard.

Measure, save and analyze temperature measurements – for different user profiles
The testo 735-2 digital multichannel thermometer not only allows you to carry out quick and precise temperature measurements, it also allows you to save up to 10 000 readings, create as many as 99 measuring sites and provide multiple user profiles.

In addition, you can save individual protocols or measurement series for the each measuring site and select from a memory cycle of between 0.5 seconds and 24 hours. The PC software in the package allows you to save and analyze the measuring data as a table or graphic. And last but by no means least, the optionally available, wirelessly connected testo fast printer can be used to provide you and your customers with on-the-spot data print outs.

The testo 735-2 multichannel thermometer isn’t just precise, it’s practical too
The testo 735-2 can provide you with Delta T, minimum, maximum and mean values and present them on a backlit display which makes them easier to read in dark environments and poor lighting conditions. Furthermore, it has an acoustic alarm that is triggered when thresholds are exceeded and is not only waterproof and IP65 rated but also EN 13485 certified, HACCP compliant and HACCP International certified too.

Up to 3 connectable sensors and a further 3 temperature sensors which can be connected wirelessly to the meter

Super-size memory for up to 10 000 readings; PC software and USB cable included

Extremely accurate sensor (optional) for a system accuracy of up to 0.05 °C

Waterproof (IP65) and HACCP / EN 13485 compliant

Calibration of static temperature sensors, temperature measurements in the cosmetics industry, chemical laboratories, the field of cooling and refrigeration technology, the food industry: the testo 735-2 multichannel thermometer can master virtually any application thanks to a wide range of optionally available sensors, a super-size memory and wireless data transfer.


Datasheet : Testo 735-2