Testo 324 basic set - Pressure and leakage measuring instrument

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Over the course of time gas pipes can become leaky. The testo 324 basic set enables you to get down to work straight away and carry out all relevant and legally prescribed tests on gas pipes.

testo 324 basic set – pressure and leakage measuring instrument in detail

testo 324 pressure and leakage measuring instrument, DVGW tested:

  • All the important measurements in one instrument:
  1. gas pipe test according to TRGI 2008 DVGW G600 (load, tightness and serviceability test)
  2. Testing on LPG pipes according to TRF 2012
  3. Gas pipe test on caravans according to DIN DVGW G607 and DIN EN 1949
  4. Automatic determination of pipe volume in gas pipes
  5. Waste water pipe test
  • Automatic serviceability test: the system case with feeding unit (included in the scope of delivery, for further information see system case) feeds in the gas using the gas bladder. Since the gas bladder is filled with the system's own gas, there is no possibility of a hazardous gas-air mixture developing during the serviceability test
  • Carry out the tests prescribed by TRGI with ease, thanks to stored guidelines and a step-by-step guide through the measurement menu. The relevant tests, e.g. the tightness test on gas pipes, are carried out automatically by the pressure and leakage measuring instrument. This gives you more time for other jobs
  • The single-hose connection makes it extremely easy to operate, while the high-resolution colour graphic display also makes it convenient to work with
  • Measuring location and customer management: the measurement data can be stored and documented quickly and easily in previously created customer folders, assigned to the measuring location
  • Maximum precision is offered by the built-in sensors – a flow sensor, an absolute pressure sensor and two differential pressure sensors are all installed in the testo 324. Optionally, up to two temperature probes or high-pressure probes of up to 25 bar can be connected to the measuring instrument
  • The pressure pump integrated in the testo 324 enables automatic pressure build-up of up to 300 mbar, for example for the tightness test at 150 mbar on gas pipes
  • 2-year warranty

System case:

  • The system case is equipped with a feeding unit, connection block and connection hose and has an instrument, pump and hose connection, including overpressure valve and stopcock
  • The system case has special inserts along with compartments for measuring instrument and accessories – this means your equipment is always ready to hand

Manual test pump:

  • You have the option of generating higher pressures with the manual test pump, for example for the 1 bar test

Datasheet : Testo 324