Signal Conditioner : SEM 1750

2 Channel mA / voltage on input and output. Maths functions also
  • Dual Channel Voltage Or Current (Active/Passive)Inputs and Outputs
  • 5 Port Isolation To 3.75Kv
  • Can Be Configured As An Active Signal Splitter
  • User Selectable Maths Functions On Each Output Channel
  • Signal Linearisation
  • Signal Simulate Function For Diagnostics

2 Ch mA or Voltage Inputs and outputs
Transmitter Power Supply On Inputs and Outputs
Use with any 4/20mA transmitter. Level, pressure, temperature, humidity etc
Use the device as a signal splitter and send 2 output signals from 1 input signal
Average or difference of the 2 input sensors can be programmed and output on Ch1 and Ch2 even after linearisation of the input mA or voltage signal. For example 2 non linear tanks.
Program for a stepped output between different input values


Datasheet SEM1750