ProVu Decimal Display Modbus Scanner

SKU PD6088

The ProVu PD6088 Super Snooper Modbus® scanner displays up to 16 Modbus process variables (PVs) on the bus using its RS-485 serial input. The PD6088 can function as a Modbus master, slave, or snooper. As a Modbus master, the PD6088 can poll multiple Modbus devices for up to 16 Modbus process variables. As a slave, a Modbus master can write up to 16 PVs to the scanner for display. In snooper mode, it can sit anywhere on the Modbus network and display up to 16 PVs being polled on the bus. When connecting a scanner in snooper mode, no other Modbus devices on the network need to be reconfigured, making it easy to add additional local or remote displays to a Modbus network. Like all ProVu meters, the PD6088 includes UL / C-UL listing and CE marking, a NEMA 4X front, and AC or DC power options. Various math functions may be applied to the analog or Modbus inputs, such as addition, difference, average, and ratio.

Why you should buy:

  • Modbus Input
  • Math Functions
  • USB Programming

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