Panel PC 2200 (AP5000) swing arm, single-touch

SKU PC 2200

A wide selection of Panel PCs are available for swing arm mounting. The touch screens are offered as variants with an aspect ratio of 16:9 and resolutions up to Full HD (projected capacitive).

Compact Intel Atom technology
The deceptively compact housing of the Panel PC conceals a colossal performance that can turn any Automation Panel into a full-fledged Panel PC system.

This innovative PC design is based on Intel Apollo Lake architecture, whose dual- and quad-core processor technology represents a milestone for embedded systems – all while offering an optimal price/performance ratio.

Communication in all directions
All important interfaces are integrated in the Automation PC 2200. This includes 2x Gigabit Ethernet and 2x USB 3.0. In addition, interface modules can be added for fieldbuses such as POWERLINK and CAN. Compact CFast cards are used as data storage media.

Maximum flexibility
All 2nd-generation Automation Panels can be transformed into a complete PC system with the Panel PC 2100. Since the Panel PC 2200 is no larger than the DVI / Smart Display Link receiver, it does not increase the system's physical depth. Connecting cables to the Ethernet and fieldbus interfaces is also extremely user-friendly since they are all accessible on one side of the Panel PC 2200.

High-performance graphics
The graphics engine used by Intel Atom processors is derived from Core i technology and provides powerful processing. This is also the first time that support for DirectX 12 is provided in this segment, opening up even more possibilities for enhanced graphic capabilities in SCADA and other HMI systems. All resolutions and diagonals up to 24.0" Full HD are supported.

Single-touch panels
For all applications that need to be compatible with existing systems, 4:3 panels with analog resistive touch screens are also available. This makes it possible to continue using HMI applications at their current resolution with the latest PC platform without having to modify the software a single bit.

Real-time operating system
The real-time operating system Automation Runtime turns an industrial PC into full-fledged high-performance industrial controller. The hypervisor combines Automation Runtime and Windows and unites the open PC world with applications that require hard real time. Based on multi-core processor architecture, the real-time operating system runs on one reserved core while the other cores are reserved for Windows.

PPC single-touch - Diagonals





1024 x 768

1280 × 1024

Touch screen

Analog resistive

Analog resistive




Power supply

24 VDC

24 VDC


  • Intel Atom E3900 processors
  • Up to quad-core CPU performance
  • Extremely powerful graphics
  • Compact dimensions
  • 2x Gigabit Ethernet
  • Fanless
  • Optionally available with handles
  • Flexible installation on top or bottom