Length measurement system LD

by Kern

Linear potentiometer for length measurement

  • This linear position sensor, with its lengthways coupling without con rods, is specially constructed for accurate recording of distances
  • Because of its compact design it is also suitable for high processing speeds
  • Can be used in all electrical SAUTER force test systems to determine distances e.g. as part of tensile or pressure testing
  • Long service life: on average up to 100×10? cycles
  • High data collection speed
  • High-resolution linear position sensor with 65,000 points over the whole measuring range
  • Data storage box with 16-bit AD converter for high resolution and speed
  • You will need the SAUTER AFH LD software to read and evaluate data. This allows clear force-distance analyses
  • Scope of supplies: Linear potentiometer, data storage box, mains adapter, USB cable

Datasheet : Length measurement system LD