Indoor air quality probe for CO2, temperature, humidity and absolute pressure

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Use the probe to quickly check the indoor climate, for example in offices, production areas or in warehouses. As well as temperature, humidity and absolute pressure, it also measures the carbon dioxide concentration (CO2).

The CO2 concentration is a primary indicator of indoor air quality. Poor air quality due to excessive concentrations of CO2 can cause tiredness, lack of concentration and even illness. Therefore the CO2 concentration should normally not exceed 1000 ppm.

4 functions in one probe: measurement of CO2, humidity, temperature and absolute pressure

Rapid checking of the indoor climate

Prevention of poor air quality in indoor rooms via CO2 measurement

The probe (in conjunction with the appropriate measuring instrument) is ideal for evaluating the indoor air quality.


Temperature - NTC

Measuring range

0 to +50 °C


±0.3 °C

Humidity - Capacitive

Measuring range

0 to 100 %RH


±2 %RH (+2 to +98 %RH)

Absolute Pressure

Measuring range

+600 to +1150 hPa


±10 hPa

Ambient CO

Measuring range

0 to +10000 ppm


±(75 ppm ±3 % of mv) (0 to +5000 ppm)

±(150 ppm ±5 % of mv) (+5001 to +10000 ppm)

General technical data

Cable length

1.6 m