HD2013-DB – Rain Indicator Data Logger


Rain indicator datalogger with LCD display reads and stores up to 128000 pulses coming from a rain gauge with tipping bucket.

HD2013-DB is a data logger that has been specifically developed to capture and store rainfall trends. It works with a long life lithium battery that provides, together with the large memory, remarkable recording capacity without user intervention. For user convenience, the supplied lithium battery, when exhausted, can be also replaced by three alkaline batteries (not supplied with instrument). The backlit display shows in real time the rain quantity during various time intervals. The instrument is perfectly waterproof thanks to the use of reed relays, instead of the common push-buttons. The reed relays are operated through a magnet, attached to the end of an aluminium handle tied to the case. When not in use, the magnet is placed back into its holder.


Datasheet : HD2013-DB