Hand-held instruments for temperature

SKU MH 3211

Possible areas of application

Digital universal temperature hand-held instrument for use with thermocouple exchangeable sensors


Sensors and probes

The high accuracy of the signal detection and processing is achieved by means of powerful sensors with electronic linearisation of the characteristic curve. The correct probes are available for a wide range of measuring tasks.

Operating comfort

The innovative design of the attractive housing and the advanced technology make the sensors comfortable to operate. In mobile use, all functions can be selected and carried out easily by pressing the buttons. The membrane keypad guarantees protection against dust and moisture.


Automatic sensor recognition through standard DIN socket provides a plug-&-play solution that is easy to install.

PC Interface

To transfer the measurement values and stored values to a PC, the majority of the MH instruments are fitted with a serial interface. The EBS 20 M software packages are available with extensive recorder and display functions, as is the SOFT 3050 for evaluation of the logged and alarm values. Process sequences can then be monitored and analysed clearly using the measurement procedures recorded and visualised as well as all data can be exported into standard programs e.g. Excel.


To confirm the outstanding accuracy for applications in the service sector, measurement and control workshops and in quality assurance, works or DAkkS certificates are available to you from our DAkkS laboratory.

Works test certificate

4 measurement points up to 500 °C

DAkkS certificate

4 measurement points up to 500 °C


Measuring ranges

Type K : NiCr-Ni -220...1370 °C
Type T : Cu-CuNi -200...1100 °C
Type J : FeCu-Ni -200...1100 °C
Type N : NiCrSi-NiSi -200...1300 °C
Type S : Pt10Rh-Pt -50...1750 °C
Type E : NiCr-CuNi -60...850 °C
Type B : Pt30Rh-Pt6Rh 300...1750 °C

Resolution : 0.1 °C / 1 °C

Type K / J / T / N / E : ±(0.5 °C +0.2 % of reading)
Type B / S : ±(0.8 °C +0.4 % of reading)

Inputs : Thermocouples K / J / S / T / N / E / B


Datasheet MH 3211