Digital thermometer Type 850

SKU 850

Possible areas of application
Marine application and Shipbuilding
z. B. Exhaust gas temperature measurement

The measuring principle
Digital thermometers of the Solar Temp series work with a discrete-time process with one measurement cycle taking 3 seconds. The user can therefore read off the current temperature even in passing.

The display unit
The Solar Temp has an easily readable LCD display

Mechanical construction
Instruments of the Di Temp series have a robust mechanical assembly and are designed for both industrial applications and use in harsh environmental conditions. The IP65 protection level (front side) ensures these requirements are met. The immunity to electromagnetic interference satisfies the requirements of the current industrial standards.

Continuous self-test
After switch-on, the instrument performs an internal selftest that includes a check of the connected sensor. Automatic diagnostic routines continuously monitor the sensor signal and a broken sensor is indicated via the display unit. The microprocessor constantly tests the sensor signal for plausibility. In the event of a fault, the results are indicated on the display as an error code.

Integrated measurement transducer
Integration of the measurement transducer into the local display unit means the space requirement is substantially reduced along with acquisition and installation costs, since a complete measuring point is saved. The measurement transducer system is independent of the local display unit, providing you with a redundant measuring system. The instrument is supplied via the transmitter, so there is no load on the battery or solar cell unless the current loop fails. This means the local display is both reliable and independent.


Display range*

-60...650 °C


0.1 K in the range <200 °C
1 K in the range >200 °C


±1 % of range ±1 digit


3½ digit, 7 segment LCD, 25 mm high


M12 socket at bottom

Power supply

Solar cell, 50 lux


Datasheet : Digital thermometer Type 850