Bench scale FOB

by Kern

Compact stainless steel bench scale with EC type approval [M] and special check weighing display for even more efficient working.

  • NEW: Innovative weighing with tolerance range (Check weighing): The colour of the display changes depending on the weight (too light/ok/too heavy) and is aid to help with portion division, dosing and grading
  • Stainless steel design of the housing and weighing plate. Its smooth surfaces make it simple to clean
  • Increased protection against humidity by means of waterproof silicone sealing of the load cell, electronics and soldering joints
  • High mobility: thanks to compact, flat construction, it is suitable for use in several locations (kitchen, sales office, market stall etc.)
  • Secure and non-slip positioning with height-adjustable rubber feet
  • Check the weighing range which is in use at the press of a button (net/gross weight)
  • Your support in a HACCP-compliant quality system
  • Protective working cover included with delivery

Application examples:

  • Weighing of ingredients and seasonings in the catering trade
  • Portioning of dough, meat, fish, poultry, mixed salads in cafeterias etc.
  • Filling of canned goods
  • Pre-packed goods controlling scale.

Datasheet : Bench scale FOB