Axle load scale VHP

by Kern

Modular axle load scale for the mobile monitoring of vehicles up to 15 tones.

  • Mobile axle load scale for rapid monitoring of vehicles. Space-saving and affordable. Ideal for mobile police or customs checks, on landfill sites, gravel works, biogas plants etc.
  • Display device with integrated thermal transfer printer and rechargeable battery pack in stable, lined transport case. 4 quick-release connectors to connect up to 4 weighing pads. The weighing results from the individual weighing pads can be issued individually or cumulatively
  • Weighing pad (wheel load plate) extremely resistant to bending because of its high material thickness. Particularly flat design, only 35 mm. Brackets for access ramps and spacer plates on both sides, and therefore quickly expendable
  • 2 rollers and 2 handles for easy transport of the weighing pad
  • 6 Load cells, aluminium, silicone-coated, IP65
  • Note: The standard scope of supplies (see technical data) can be complemented with further weighing pads, ramp extensions and equalising platforms (see accessories). Like this the system can be adapted to cover a wide range of applications.

Datasheet:Axle load scale VHP